Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I could have added a couple more positive things about Guangzhou in that last post.  Like how many freaking restaurants there are here, and how a large majority of them have really cool interior designs.  It's like they go above and beyond expectations with their decor, adding anything from real trees with swings attached to them as the seats at your table, to koi ponds all over the place and small bridges to walk over.  I'm really impressed with their restaurants. 

And the food is good too! 

I've probably been to more Western restaurants than Chinese since arriving here, but the food has mostly been excellent (in my opinion).  I have only been to two Chinese restaurants to which I would consider going back.  I went to one of those Chinese restaurants for the first time last night.  I'm not sure what its actual name is, but it was a Tibetan Chinese restaurant, and it. was. AWESOME.  Now, I can be picky with the type of meat I'll eat - basically, if it's seafood, I'm probably not going to eat it...and don't try to make me.  If it's a land animal, I'll try it, as long as it's not some organs or stomach lining.  So when I saw that the menu was full of dishes made from Yak and Sheep meat, I was a little nervous.  Luckily two other people went ahead and ordered for us.  I'm glad they did, because otherwise I would have probably tried to find the only chicken dish on the menu, and I would have neglected to try the DELICIOUS yak steak and sheep/lamb leg.  I definitely recommend yak!

Along with our amazing food, we got to experience the very colorful decor (a bit different from normal Chinese decor, ...kind of reminded me of Latin America) and a singing/dancing show in which some of us took part (including me).  It was so much fun.  I can't wait to take visitors there.  I'm so excited to have found an actual Chinese restaurant that I'm excited about, even if it is representative of another part of China, far from where we're living right now, and a part of China that I probably won't ever get to visit due to restrictions by the Chinese government.  Bummer about that, but at least we can experience the food whenever we like!


  1. Good food makes any place better!

  2. Hoping the gap in posting blogs is a sign that you are having too much fun exploring and enjoying to slow down and write about it!

  3. Haha, just seeing your comment, thanks for reading! My gap in posting blogs can only really be explained by the fact that anytime I think to write about anything, I feel as though I'm whining too much or writing about something that isn't all that interesting, so I just forget about it. Also, it just so happens that the day you posted this comment we were headed to or just arriving in the US for our R&R, which was tons of fun and very busy. But now we're back, and Guangzhou is the same polluted, annoying place it's always been. I'd say it's nice for a high-hardship post (20% now) but most people grow tired of it (I seemed to be ahead of everyone in that respect) and are happy to leave when their time is up. We're headed to Panama next though, which I'm excited about, mostly because I actually know Spanish, and hope to polish it off at FSI. Anyway, I should probably update this thing more, I just don't have anyone I know in real life reading (that I'm aware of, that is) so that contributed to my being unmotivated to update. But thanks for reminding me with your comment that though there ARE people reading and interested who are involved in the same lifestyle.