Wednesday, August 26, 2009


That's what Aaron likes to call me. I have a lot of pet-peeves that I try to keep to myself, but I will always vent them to Aaron. Lucky him! That's how I got that lovely nickname, Negatron.

I'm currently experiencing one of my pet-peeves at this very moment - people standing outside of my office holding a whispering conversation. I would never voice this as irritating to me because, they have every right to stand out there and hold their conversation. I just don't want to listen to it! And I really hate the sound of whispers. I don't know why. I also hate them standing out there talking because, as a giant pregnant woman, I frequently need to leave my office to use the ladies' room...and when there are people outside of my office, they will frequently talk to me about my pregnancy whenever they see me. And I'm too nice to tell them that I really need to pee and honestly I really don't feel like talking about this kid that's kicking me all day, so can you just let me go? I need a sign to put on my belly that says "I'm aware that I'm pregnant; no it's not twins; it's ONE boy; he's due September 20; yes I'm excited." Less and less strangers have stopped me to talk to me about my pregnancy, which is good. And even less touch my belly anymore - which is VERY good because at this point, my belly itches so much that anytime something touches it I feel like I'm going to go crazy, so I'd have to bitchslap anyone that touched it at this point, and I'd like to avoid bitchslapping strangers.

Alright enough about that.

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