Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We have flights to Guangzhou!

I'm kind of excited about it.  It's hard to believe it's only 11 weeks away... more like 10 in some ways, since we're leaving for Seattle on July 8 and then just continuing the journey West (to end up in the East, that's funny).  That whole Seattle trip is going to be both insane and short... and insanely short, I wish we could be there a little longer, but oh well.

So yea, we'll leave July 8 at 8:00AM on a direct flight to Seattle.  We'll stay in Seattle until the evening of July 11.  On that evening, we will fly from Seattle to San Francisco.  We'll spend a full day (July 12) in San Francisco, Aaron will take care of some DHS appointments and hopefully we could do something fun and touristy since we'll be there afterall.  Then, on July 13 at 1:49PM we will take off out of SFO, heading to Shanghai.  We'll land in Shanghai around 5:30PM local time, then take a 2 hour flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou, arriving in Guangzhou at 11:10PM.  So unless visa issues hold things up, this is our plan!

As far as flights to Dallas for our friends' wedding... we're still working on that!  Hopefully we'll have those later tonight.  Aaron is talking to the groom at this moment.

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