Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sometimes I wish that Texas would secede from the U.S.  I'm not from Texas, and I honestly don't think it'd be in Texas' best interests to secede.  But, if they did, then maybe we'd set up an embassy there.  And then, maybe Aaron could get posted there.  AND THEN.  We could finally live near the vast majority of our friends, which is where I'm going with this.  I suppose we could live in one of the Mexican border towns, though.  But they are so dangerous right now.  Maybe in a few years they will get better. 

Which brings me to a side-tangent:  On Aaron's bid list there were quite a few opportunities in Ciudad Juarez, and since Aaron studied Spanish for like 20 years (okay, more like 6), we knew it was a possibility for us to be sent there.  And because of all the drug killings in Juarez, we were a little concerned about that, because, you know, we want to not die.  Anyway, when we met with his CDO (same meeting as mentioned 2 posts ago), we mentioned our concerns about how dangerous Juarez is.  And she was like "What is everyone talking about?  I have no idea why people think Juarez is so dangerous.  It's perfectly safe there!"  And then about a month ago those consulate employees were killed in Juarez.  THAT is what everyone is talking about, you oblivious CDO. 

Anyway back to my original point.  We have just been missing out on so many cool things w/ our Dallas friends because of Aaron's job, and we are just going to miss out on more.  And it sucks.  And I miss them.  That is all.

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